weird that i just saw you and all my feelings came rushing from my fingertips to my heart. now that was weird.



hahah oh the joy of prom. so this year I wasn't go at all. but William Gittens a mi iglesia asked me to go with him to his prom at Ensworth and I was like aiight.lol sooo here are some pictures from my phone...i'll put more from my camera later, im just really lazy. oh I love my dress and my flower I think i'll keep the flower tradition going :)


fb rehab

It's been like 2 weeks and a day since I de activated my facebook and honestly it's a bittersweet thing. I feel relieved since I don't need to be on there right now but at the same time I feel like im missing out.I'll just get back on when I feel like I've matured from this situation and when i'll be able to get on facebook and nothing will ever get to me.yafeelmeh?


so hard.

love.love.love.love.love.love her :D