a maze

There is never any truthful answers for me anymore...I just go with the flow a lot these days. i have a strong feeling this shit is going to get old and I'm going to want to settle down. I keep saying I'm having fun but what do I really want?I just can't ever seem to have the answer to that anymore.

I need a get away...for the rest of the summer would be nice.either to ATL or NY i'm not sure but anywhere but TN would be nice.


I been down this road before.So I know the feeling when it comes.He makes me feel like a queen and im not even his girlfriend.and apparently there is more to it.


straight or curly

i love my hair.
but in the summer time when I just wana brush brush and go...its an issue because it's curly.everybody is always like you're so lucky to have hair like this and blah blah.thank you.but it's a hassle.I dont want to put anything in it just because I know that I'll probably regret it and I like when my hair is curly sometimes.and boy do I NOT have the patience to straighten it often.

and on top of everything I work out like everyday.so my hair would just be a....fro.*sigh*
this was completely pointless I was just thinking out loud i guess.here are some pictures.