wish list.

1. I want him and I want all of him [to myself.]
2. I want a prom date.like really bad.
3. I want something new in my life
4. I want to SHAKE IT summer '10
5.a tattoo
6. purple vans
7. space jams
8. my HUBBY
9. college
10. dance concert
11. a new car
12. more sperrys
13. a job
14. I want love to be my friend and not my friend[emy]
15. I want to give away some things that I have but others dont have.
16. I wana know and not be confused.
17. i want to exercise more, im getting lazy.
18. I want to do something I've never done before
19. I want SUMMER to hurry it's ass up!!!
20. I want to make the right choices as a teenage girl and not have to regret anything that I did.like i did.

is that too much to ask for?
i love.love.LOVE this. you can feel everything from every shot.

When I dance you see a side of me that you've never seen before. I just let all that's in me out into ever eight count and beat of the song. I just love it. it frees my mind whether im being goofy or im in a duet for dance concert. I just feel FREE with all my burdens left behind. I dont know its like explaining your love for somebody.just leaves me speechless.....

as soon as I saw this picture I could just feel her passion and the message of strength in this.


So on my formspring (i don't know why I made one, but i did) some body asked how many people I've had sex with. So i answered, like im suppose to. and I simply said two.no names or anything.and of course people wanted to know who.but like I told them....if you know me, you should definitely know the first.and if you REALLY know me or him, you should definitely know the second one. So then I was asked yesterday and I quote:"Why would u answer that sex question when u know ur dad or anyone can see it? Does he know?" Ok so you know me...I take a double take like are you serious joe? double you tee eff.seriously?!?!

For those that know me.I'm a daddy's girl.and YES my daddy knows.actually both of my parents know that i'm not a virgin. My mother found out before my daddy, in a more peaceful way, but they definitely both know.and I'm actually happy that they know and I'm comfortable with them knowing because if something were to ever happen it wouldn't be their first time hearing that I smash.lol. I know yall be hearing the cast from Secret life " 90 percent of kids talk to their parents when they're pregnant. Don't wait! talk about it" whatever they say on there. but yes my parents found out and I didnt want to lie about it so I confessed and said yes.

and right after that question I got a question like....do you consider yourself a christian.and I hate that question because that's where the judging comes in because of my actions.please whoever thinks that you're not a christian because humans actually sin.....smack yourself!

I mean ok...I'm young, yes.but at the same time when the time came around....I was very safe about my decision.and I know that it isn't an excuse for me.but hey we gotta experience things some day and mine may have come earlier than others or later than others. I'm glad for my experience because I've learned that at times it could be making love or just having sex. and yes I've done both.dont judge me.but I did learned my lesson. Oh and i'm REALLY scary bout certain things. and when it comes to sex I try to be as safe as possible. like HOMIE DONT PLAY THAT scary.lol I just want all the lil girls that being fast now a days to CHIIIILLLLL out and if they get to that point in their life when they get that "itch" than just dont go act a ass and do everything that move. the last thing you wana be known by is "that girl" smh. because i do know one...

p.s. the condom is hilarious it should definitely just make you want to use one every time.



I'm sorry but I will never get over my love for him. he made me very furious with the situation between he and rihanna.but besides that fact this man is the apple of my eye.even though he talks funny.lol

and his new mixtape is like ON AND POPPIN.haha nah its really good though. it definitely has a side of chris that we've never heard. with his new swagg. oh em gee.I dig it times infinity!!


So most you know that my parents are pastors and my mom is an author,professor, vice president at abc, women's motivational speaker.....ok so she does a lot! I've gotten used to this lifestyle and at this point it doesn't really bother me that my mama travels all the time and works into the wee hours of the morning.and my daddy doesn't come home til late every night. I'm fine with it all...

the ONE thing that I haven't adjusted to is the public eye. O EM GEE. it's soooooo annoying how I have to watch my every move.because my daddy knows like half of nashville. or even on facebook when church members wana be my friend.NO. this is me, outside of church and I dont want you to judge me.they expect WAY TOO MUCH just because I'm a pk. and I hate that " Oh you a pk? man i hear them the nastiest ones..." um excuse me? really?like I mean really? ME? no deal. see there is where you are wrong....well when it comes to savannah Espinosa. You will NEVER catch my name in every dude mouth cus i "SMASHED THE HOMIE" ha.NO. I have soo many standards for myself that doing all that foolishness is not how I want my life to be. I have my fun yes...but i am not by any means a wild child that's doing all of nashville and lifting up my church skirt for every guy!!!UGH.

and church folk......I don't even know where to start. They are the NOSIEST people i know.like seriously. I thought high school girls were nosey. but boy was I wrong. I just dont want to ramble on about how much i DESPISE and HATE being judge. it's like my biggest pet peev you have no idea.

and it's something that I can't stop. people say dont do anything to have people talking.but in my case it feels like whatever I do.they'll NEVER stop.never.ugh.


A woman has amazing strengths. She can deal with stress and carry heavy burdens. She smiles when she feels like screaming. She sings when she feels like crying. She cries when she's happy and laughs when she's afraid. Her love is unconditional. There is only one thing wrong with her. She forgets what she's worth!


"The pain of being afraid that your gonna get hurt is much worst than opening up & taking a risk."



oh wow.so lately well bump that.i always think about him.like constantly...
it's called young love.puppy love...shit whatever you wana call it.IM IN IT.
it has taken over everything in me. I can't say that i havent felt this strong about a boy before but it just feels brand new to me when it comes to him. I feel like i've never been here before and thats why i'm still here fighting for him.crazy huh? I always find myself doing something completely out of savannah's box. feels weird at first but then i enjoy every moment of it.

valentines day is tomorrow and I dont really have one but in my heart he will be my valentine...we're slowly putting the puzzle back together :)


"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love."

Take me back to the days when love was so pure and golden.
If not ever before I want it like its my greatest desire.
be my valentine?

On a side not friends are like the best bra for support.
the best toilet paper to wipe away all the shit in my life.
the sun to my rainy days.
I just appreciate the few that I do have because it aint often that they roll around and whole heartedly lend a shoulder to lean on whenever.

your real friends you dont have to talk to everyday.they'll come around two days after all your drama and still know every detail :)