hmmm...So lately I've been feeling brand new. but like a good brand new.haha not that fake shit. not my style. But seriously i feel like a new savannah and that sounds so cheesy to say but oh well. I dont talk to that jerk that fucked my feelings with no care in the world. i actually got a new lil boo :) I will not expose his name sooo dont ask nosy people. but just know that i'm happy. i could just click my heels together. so emotionally im good actually great...yeah i still think about him everyday but its better to tell myself all the things he did to hurt me rather than think about our happy days.makes it worse if I do that.

Friends. Still the same. they're the best. point blank period.

school..........................................wtf? fuckin hate it.nuff said.lol

summer. WHERE the hell are you? seriously. I need summer to be here like now. I have soooo many things I need to do and want to do. I'm gonna be an emotional wreck this summer though because all my friends are going to college. man I dont even wana think about it.ugh but this summer I'm gonna cherish every moment with them. Even if they'll be like an hour away from me and some 8 hours away oh well :(

oh and lately i've got this mad obsession with wiz khalifa.love his music.speaking of music I need to take all this lovey dovey music off of here...those days are over.lol. dont want people to think i live in a love bubble.yuck...

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