So on my formspring (i don't know why I made one, but i did) some body asked how many people I've had sex with. So i answered, like im suppose to. and I simply said two.no names or anything.and of course people wanted to know who.but like I told them....if you know me, you should definitely know the first.and if you REALLY know me or him, you should definitely know the second one. So then I was asked yesterday and I quote:"Why would u answer that sex question when u know ur dad or anyone can see it? Does he know?" Ok so you know me...I take a double take like are you serious joe? double you tee eff.seriously?!?!

For those that know me.I'm a daddy's girl.and YES my daddy knows.actually both of my parents know that i'm not a virgin. My mother found out before my daddy, in a more peaceful way, but they definitely both know.and I'm actually happy that they know and I'm comfortable with them knowing because if something were to ever happen it wouldn't be their first time hearing that I smash.lol. I know yall be hearing the cast from Secret life " 90 percent of kids talk to their parents when they're pregnant. Don't wait! talk about it" whatever they say on there. but yes my parents found out and I didnt want to lie about it so I confessed and said yes.

and right after that question I got a question like....do you consider yourself a christian.and I hate that question because that's where the judging comes in because of my actions.please whoever thinks that you're not a christian because humans actually sin.....smack yourself!

I mean ok...I'm young, yes.but at the same time when the time came around....I was very safe about my decision.and I know that it isn't an excuse for me.but hey we gotta experience things some day and mine may have come earlier than others or later than others. I'm glad for my experience because I've learned that at times it could be making love or just having sex. and yes I've done both.dont judge me.but I did learned my lesson. Oh and i'm REALLY scary bout certain things. and when it comes to sex I try to be as safe as possible. like HOMIE DONT PLAY THAT scary.lol I just want all the lil girls that being fast now a days to CHIIIILLLLL out and if they get to that point in their life when they get that "itch" than just dont go act a ass and do everything that move. the last thing you wana be known by is "that girl" smh. because i do know one...

p.s. the condom is hilarious it should definitely just make you want to use one every time.


  1. and I so agree with you about the condom.

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