So most you know that my parents are pastors and my mom is an author,professor, vice president at abc, women's motivational speaker.....ok so she does a lot! I've gotten used to this lifestyle and at this point it doesn't really bother me that my mama travels all the time and works into the wee hours of the morning.and my daddy doesn't come home til late every night. I'm fine with it all...

the ONE thing that I haven't adjusted to is the public eye. O EM GEE. it's soooooo annoying how I have to watch my every move.because my daddy knows like half of nashville. or even on facebook when church members wana be my friend.NO. this is me, outside of church and I dont want you to judge me.they expect WAY TOO MUCH just because I'm a pk. and I hate that " Oh you a pk? man i hear them the nastiest ones..." um excuse me? really?like I mean really? ME? no deal. see there is where you are wrong....well when it comes to savannah Espinosa. You will NEVER catch my name in every dude mouth cus i "SMASHED THE HOMIE" ha.NO. I have soo many standards for myself that doing all that foolishness is not how I want my life to be. I have my fun yes...but i am not by any means a wild child that's doing all of nashville and lifting up my church skirt for every guy!!!UGH.

and church folk......I don't even know where to start. They are the NOSIEST people i know.like seriously. I thought high school girls were nosey. but boy was I wrong. I just dont want to ramble on about how much i DESPISE and HATE being judge. it's like my biggest pet peev you have no idea.

and it's something that I can't stop. people say dont do anything to have people talking.but in my case it feels like whatever I do.they'll NEVER stop.never.ugh.

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