If you were a tear in my eye, I wouldn't cry for fear of losing you.

it started off with me just me saying he is just a friend.
then he was my boyfriend.
then my hubby.
then my bes friend.
then my everything.
now he's just my....

i fell for...
the smile
the smell [corny i kno]
the long talks
the kisses
the laughter
the corny jokes
the hugs
the randomness
the felt i got every time i would come around him
the comfort
the support
the realness
the 39849585 million stories he has to tell
the ambition he has

now i wonder.whats next?
or am i just thinking too much.
i should just....let it go?am i really ready for that?
i need answers to questions that keep running and racing in my mind
i hate being confused about love
at one time in my life i thought i had it all figured it out....

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