now here is a couple that i absolutely despise.with a strong passion.like who told them this was ok.
i love their relationship.minus the open part.they're so kute.

i have no clue wat it is.but i love rihanna.she is so frekin adorable.


  1. 1. Why don't you like them??? They are awesome to me! So cute, unique && can't fuckwitable. :D

    2. What do you mean the OPEN part??

    3. And I know! I hate when people don't like her. I mean, WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?!

  2. i heart kanye&&amber!!...but i agree about will&&jada...that open relationship stuff is NOT okay lol. &&muchooo love for riri of course :]

  3. ok so im just learning how to view my comments.lol.
    but amber and kanye are cool but they just be going ALL out sometimes.neva on chill mode.amber is like a black......nicki minaj to me.