when it comes to question of who is my best friend.
I can truly say that I have two that are ALWAYS there for me.
Jalen and akilah are like my right hands.and whenever something is wrong or i have to tell them something right away they're always there.it creeps me out!lol not really i love it though. I do have one other friend that is ALWAYS there for me but i wudnt say we're best friends.we just hella tight,real good homies and nothing more or less. and all the other people i love to death but these two are the ones that know me the best. but anyway this past yr i lost one of my reeeeeeaaaalll good friends over some petty shit now that I look back on it and think about it. Actually it crosses my mind more often then when it first happened. but anyway she was like my left booty cheek.haha.no but im dead serious we spent like the whole entire summer together and we talked bout EVERYTHING and did EVERYTHING together and when we stopped talking I got lonely.ha. that's when I was reminded of how good of friends we were.

if i could take back time I'd take back the way I talked to her. I would've been more understanding. but hey i can't take back time I can just move on from now. I hope that we can pick things back up. maybe not where we ended but def shake it like the good ole days.

smh. damn vannah....aye ya live and ya learn shawty.
i just believe that all the mistakes i've made are truly motivating me to be a better person. real shit.

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