I remember the first time I told my daddy about you.(and so does he)

remember when we first met. (so Cliche)lol
remember when we were talking on aol instant msging and you asked for my number
remember when we first started talking and on you're 15th birthday,because I'm so shy, I didnt speak to you. so that night you told me i owed you and I stayed on the phone with you from 11 at night to 4 in the morning.
remember when you didnt have a cell phone and we talked on the house phone all the time.and when you finally got one i was like "why'd you have to get a number similar to mine?"lol.
remember when we went to the movies the first time.it was our first date and we "saw" casino royale ;)
remember when i first txtd you "i wuv you" after 8 months of talking and you were like " well i love you if that's what you're trying to say." and from then on it was "i love you" everyday :)
remember when we first kissed.and that feeling....aaahh
remember when you gave me that diamond necklace for our first christmas.
remember when I bout you ANOTHER yankees hat.
remember our first valentines day :)
but remember it was the first time you hurt me :( but that same night I was so in love that I forgave you.
rememeber when you first met my parents.hmmm cus I really dont.
remember when it was your 16th birthday I'm very sure and you wanted to hang with me but your cousins decided to come over too and you were PISSED.
remember all the times when you would call me and yell " I LOVE YOU" and then hang up.
remember when we couldn't go in your room.now that's the only place we go.
remember when it happened again :( and this time it took me longer to forgive you. but I couldn't help but take you back.
remember November 18, 2007
remember the first time we......lol I remember the whole setting of that night.
remember when this time it was my turn and I didn't know what to do with myself.
remember when you called me with your coach and the phone cus he was so happy you verbally commited
remember when we went to prom last year.
remember when you graduated and I didnt know what I would do without you.
remember this past summer when everything is almost perfect but we were slowing falling apart.
remember all the littles fights
remember the long nights
remember the day before I started school and we were no more. I sped home walked in the door and my parents were in the kitchen and I cried out "we broke up" and ran to my room.
remember when the truth came out and you hated me. what was I thinking.

that's when it all stopped and I knew you were DEFINITELY the one.after three years.
most of all.

remember that we have history.
remember that we've never fully learned to let go of each other.
remember that no matter how much we hurt and cry we love so much harder over anything else.
remember that you're my superman :)
remember that you're my first love
remember that you have my heart.
remember that I love you.

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  1. nicely written and very heartfelt . . . he was some type of guy huh