patiently waiting

ok sooo maybe I am waiting for you but my plan is that you never find out that i am waiting. I hope you never find out that every time my phone vibrates in class, I close my eyes and say "please let this be him" until I run out of breath.and when I look and its not you....im bummed!
see it's apart of the "game" I cant look too needy because I'm afraid you will think im too clingy and thats NOT ME at all. it's just that I really LOVE talking to you. if I deleted all the other contacts in my phone, besides mama and daddy lol, I wouldn't care because just when we're texting I feel like it's just me and you. call me weird but im oh so serious.I enjoy your comapany :) so since im waiting and you might be waiting too, i'm just gonna wait and see how long you can go for. especially when you KNOW I HATE THIS :) it's what i like you do all the lil things that you know bother but some how i love that. something is seriously wrong with me.

so of course in the mean time i'll just keep waiting. or I'll just text you tomorrow.
djfiajfiofdgjig;j aaaahhhh breath and act like it aint nuin savannah....

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