so you know how you meet a new guy and like yall are on the "questions" stage of talking and the one question I get and always expect to get is..."what kind of guys do you like? or what do you look for in a guy?" aaahhh oh boy.

well to anwser the question...i like boys. not all and yes I can be picky but damn everybody got preferences I probably have more than others but oh well. but physically you (the boy) HAVE to be taller than me and not just like a inch taller than me, significantly taller than me. I'm kinda tall or so some people may say so and I like wearing heels so you put the two together and a short lil dude. ugh. how that look? no deal. plus i feel like tall and big or semi big guys, as in muscles not fat i have a huge fat-a-phobia and its bad so no fat dudes sorry, are the ones i feel "safe" around. and give the best hugs because they just hold you while you like suffocate in their arms. mmm ok leme stop. next.

ugh do looks matter? well duh!! hell everybody be like nah personality over looks.nah boo i bet you would not be walking round wit a negro that aint cute to you. so yes he has to be cute and carmel well not have to be but a good milk chocolate is just mmm mmm good to me. I LOVE smiles. aaahhh they make me melt. i wont go into detail but just know that "pannie droppa" smiles are a ++++ :)

pretty boy vs. thugs.
i honestly like them both. not even joking. but I wouldn't date a thug only lust over him. but I do not like the pretty boys that are waaaaaaay tooo sweet. ugh. I need somebody thats rough round the edges and put me in my place sometimes. not aggressive just...ugh iono the word.lol but yea.

and I really cant think of anything else but those are like the most haves when i first look at a guy.

personality: I love a guy who can keep me laughing but what girl doesnt.rite? but I like the corny crap. it makes me laugh at how cute the guy is trying to be. i love it. haha. and since I can be they shiest girl ever if i REALLY like you then I love guys who can just talk talk talk that gets me going and we can have a convo all damn day. believe that. and i dont like the usual convos like: "hey. wats up. how you doin. wat u doing. NO i hate those because they end like.....4 mins later. lets talk bout the most random thing you're thinking.tell me a joke. ask a question. make a face in the text message. because if you say wats good to me I will probably just put my phone down and wait for the next guy to entertain me. call me a bish but i'd have to disagree you're just boring and he isn't. but anywho...i like loyal and honest.PLEASE be real with me and let me know wat u thinking. i hate not knowing. so just tell me whatever it is. i dont mess with alot of people and for you to go off and lie to me is a NO NO. because you WILL get cut. I like anybody that can put up with my flaws. and can put up with my weirdness. because like i said im really shy at first but once you get to know me its way different.I want to know that you're going somewhere with your life, like you actually want to be successful and you're putting you're words into action. if you want to be something so BE IT, just dont sit around dreaming and waiting on your ticket to heaven. aint gone happen buddy! gotta earn that shit.

man this is alot. (and my fingers are getting tired I have a paper to write) but maybe i am too picky but whatever i like it this way :)

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